• Liaison Continent Medical Insurance Covers Pre-Existing Medical Condition

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    Suffering from a chronic illness or condition makes everyday life difficult and stressful. One of the best ways you can unwind and feel better is by taking a vacation. But what happens when you try to look for travel insurance to cover you on your trip? Many insurance companies will not sell you travel insurance if you already have a pre-existing medical condition. Suffering from a chronic illness can leave you at risk of high medical bills if you go on vacation and fall ill. So what do you do? Travel without insurance? Not mention your health condition?

    It is not advisable to leave out details of your health condition when applying for insurance – if you do not tell the truth you will run into problems when you try to make a claim. You should only ever tell the complete truth when you buy insurance; this makes everything legal and above board. You may decide to travel without insurance, but what happens if you fall and break your leg, or need to go into hospital?

    The best thing to do is find an insurance policy that offers coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions. These companies do exist – Liaison Continent is one of them. With this insurance plan you are covered for the sudden and acute onset of a pre-existing condition when you travel. If you are in stable health you can travel and be protected.

    This insurance also offers other benefits. A good quality overseas medical insurance plan offers coverage for hospitalization and surgery, doctor office visits, prescription drugs, emergency medical evacuation, accidental death, trip interruption, the loss of your checked luggage, and other benefits. It is always advisable to purchase insurance for a trip as the cost of such coverage is economical against the charges you could suffer if you become ill or are injured.

  • Do I Need Travel Medical Insurance?

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    You’ve booked your flight, you’ve arranged your hotel accommodation, you have your bags packed and you’ve found someone to look after the cat while you are away. Have you forgotten anything? If you are traveling abroad on vacation or a business trip remember your travel insurance. If you don’t regularly travel with insurance you may be asking yourself, do I really need to buy travel medical insurance? Can I get away without it?

    The truth is, travel insurance is an essential purchase. If you travel without medical insurance that is valid for accidents and illness abroad you are taking a big risk. Why? The cost of medical treatment overseas can be very high, particularly if you are visiting the United States. In America a simple doctor’s visit can cost hundreds of dollars and if you are seriously injured you run the risk of a large bill. Many people end up in financial trouble because they had the misfortune to go to hospital while on vacation. Travel insurance protects you from these medical costs.

    Travel insurance also helps you pay the cost of prescriptions if you need to take medication when you are overseas. You can also find policies that provide you with cover for emergency medical evacuation. This is when you need to be transferred to a suitable medical facility by air ambulance or similar, a procedure that can also be very costly. Insurance also covers you for lost checked luggage and trip curtailment or cancellation.

    None of us know if we are going to be injured abroad, suffer an auto accident, fall ill with food poisoning or suffer something serious like a heart attack. The best thing we can do is enjoy our vacation without worry, and purchase medical insurance for our trip just in case anything goes wrong.

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